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           The Blackout Mystery                     By:Genevive

     My legs trampoline over my body, they are so tired they could fall asleep. I lay on the bed panting as if I had been running for miles.
My sister, laughing, asked me what I was doing. I told her it was a mystery. She laughed again, "your only jumping on the bed!" I got up and made a face at her. She walked away from me and went to grab the phone. "What are you doing?!" I called to the kitchen. "Calling Amy!"she yelled. I hurried into my room. My sister coming back into the living room, on the phone. I heard her say a couple things, like, stories about towns going to a full black out! I wondered....."Would that really happen?"

I walked into the living room and sat across from my sister. "Is that
really true?" I asked. "Oh ya!" She said. "Its totally true, every single part of it." "Really?" I said. "Yep," She replied. "Wow! Could it happen today?!" I thought. Before my sister could say a thing I ran into the family room and grabbed a book on city records. I ran into my room and looked at the book. "Page 68," I said. "That's it!" I ran to go show my sister. "Look!" I said. "Page 68, that's were the blackouts are held!" My sister leaned over to see. "Mmmmm....." she said. "That's it all right, but that's weird, its in city records, it should be in a book called Blackouts?" "I don't know," I said, "But it sure looks cool, look at all these pictures!" "But you see little sis, its in blackouts the book and other books too." "Well," I said. "maybe the first book had the picture first then someone keeps stealing it." "I don't know," She said. Mom got back as we were reading page 68. She set her stuff down and leaned over to see what we were doing. My sister turned her head. "Hey mom. I was just helping Janell with her homework , and now we are going into her room for a little game of chess." "Ok," Mom said, "Have fun!" "Why can't you tell mom?" I asked. "Because, Janell, its a mystery!"
       The next morning my sister and I got on the bus for school. We again talked about blackouts and the book, my sister was getting a little to into the subject, worrying about this and that. It wasn't such a big deal. The bus stopped at the charter school in Cheyenne,Wyoming. Me and Jesse went opposite ways to our classrooms. Turning and waving. When I got to my classroom all the lights were off. ''Hello?'' I said confused. ''Hi!'' ''Oh, I'm so glad your here!'' The cheery voice sounded like Lily's (Janell's friend.)''Lily, where is everybody else?'' Janell said. ''Don't know,"she said. ''Seriously?"Janell said. Suddenly Lily's voice did not sound as cheery anymore. ''I got here really early, before the teacher even stepped into the school." She said. '' There is a storm outside. When I got here the lights were out, I tried to turn the lights on but they wouldn't turn on.'' Janell said "Weird!"