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Wednesday Wars

The Wednesday Wars By: Gary D. Schmidt

The White Giraffe

The White Giraffe By: Lauren St John

In this book There is a girl names Martine and she lives in England. Her house had caught on fire and her parents didn't survive. Because Martine has no home or parents she has to go live with her grandmother in southern Africa. She has never heard of her grandma and knows nothing about her. When she goes to Africa one of her grandmother's friends, Tendai picks her up and they go to his aunts house before he takes her to her grandmothers. On there way there Tendai talks about a white giraffe. Martine is very interested in the white giraffe. When they are at Tendai's aunts house she says that Martine has a very special gift and it can be bad or good. Tendai's aunt also talks about Martine's mother when she was not suppose to and now Martine is always wondering why her mother never talked about this place. She feels as if her grandmother does not want her anymore.

Martine loves to explore the place and finds many animal including one animal very special.... THE WHITE GIRAFFE!!! Martine loves to ride Jemmy (the white giraffe). But when poachers come will they find The White Giraffe? Martine has to keep Jemmy safe, but she also has to find out who they are and she still is finding out the mystery about who killed her grandfather. If you would like to find out what happens check this book out in the library!


The Misfits

The Misfits By: James Howe
This is the first book that we have read in our group. So far it is great! This book is about four kids from middle school that call themselves The Misfits. Every Tuesday they meet at the candy kitchen and sit at their favorite booth with the red, ripped leather seats. They always get a soda or ice cream while they talk.  And when they talk, Addie always writes down every word. Although, on some Tuesdays when its time for them to meet at the candy kitchen, Bobbie (who is the main character) has to go to work with his boss, killer man.(Mr. Kellerman.) We will get to you on the facts once we read more.We hope you like the book so far.

This week, the group of four become the group of five because they talked DuShawn (a popular black guy) into running for president. So now DuShawn came to one of the candy kitchen meetings.

DuShawn quit the party(for his reasons), and Addie and the gang don't know why. But, they came up with a new party name and they are fine now. The party's name is the " No-Names" party.  And their theme saying is "sticks and stones may brake our bones but names will break our spirit." Addie likes Collin who is a popular white guy (and also Joe likes Colin.) The group has been writing the names  they have been called, drawing red slash marks through them and posting them around the school.

Bobbie did the speech for the No-Name-Party and they didn't win but the principal supported no more names . Bobbie ended up to be a Senate, Addie became a teacher, Skeezie ran the candy kitchen, and Joe became a writer.  
                                                            WE FINISHED THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!